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domains and websites for sale by owner
I offer Established Fully Functional and High Traffic Websites including Buying the Established Domain(s)
Buy Premiere Philippines related and world related marketed Fully Functional and High Traffic Websites and Domains for sale.
Attract serious buyers – we offer you top ranked Websites and Domains for sale.
Throughout the 15 years as a webmaster i have purchased, marketed and developed many Philippines related and World related Domains and Developed them into highly profitable top ranking domains.
My list of domains has grown in some years and i have decided to sell them off 1 by 1 to select buyers that are internet savoy and know the importance of a high ranking domain and pre-developed websites. Most of the popular domains .com .org .net .info and .co domains are already hosted and developed websites have huge potentials to make Millions.

I have domains that range from 15 years old to only days old. Some come complete with Twitter Accounts, Facebook Accounts and even Gmail Accounts Complete! Already professionally marketed and set up for your business to take over and weep the benefits.

Most Domains will have a detailed report on the respected sales pages and only 10% of the domains are Parked domains.
90% of the domains are developed and using WordPress as the CMS and have high traffic! Most of the domains will be sold for a fraction of the amount of their vale.
So that said, start surfing through our Domains and Websites for sale pages and pick one you want, Bid on it in the Bid Box below the domain ad and make me an offer on these great Philippines Domains and World Domains and Buy Established Domains TODAY!
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